Evolving How We Live & How We Love

My mission is to joyfully share wisdom teachings from ancient lineages to protect this earth and empower beauty.

We live in interesting times. The earth is in peril and in order for peace and nature to survive, some of us must to rise to the occasion. We have to ask ourselves: Who are we going to be and how are we going to live this life? The times give us an opportunity to rise to the occasion of our greatness, to up-level our relationship to body, mind, and spirit… to upgrade how we live and how we love…and to leave a legacy of beauty.

Hi, my name is Beth Leone. Some call me The Taoist Priestess… 

My close friends call me Sifu or Sensi… while others call me a ‘Warrior Priestess of Love’. 

Yes, I am fierce and I am devoted to a revolution… a revolution of how we live and how we love… 

I am passionate about sharing wisdom from the ancient traditions that supercharges our physical movement, spiritual and sexual connection.

I traveled the world finding knowledge of the Great Mystery and I found many treasures.

These gems of sacred teachings, found nestled in the mystery schools, I now share on The Priestess Path.

The Priestess Path

Embody Your Wisdom

If you yearn to express the sacred priestess in you, to Embody power, to radiate your light, the Priestess Path may be for you. This path has been walked for thousands of years by women who chose to embody spiritual alignment, harmony and empowerment. But what if you do not know exactly what it is you are here to do? What if you know, but you need concrete tools – sacred tools from the wisdom traditions to do the job. Sometimes, you just need a mentor or a guide to support you through the process of stepping into your greatest self. I have been blessed to have had masters guide me on my journey and now, it is my time to give back what I have learned.

Your abilities are awaiting discovery.

Ancient Wisdom In Use Today

Ancient lineages hold keys to many of our superpowers. We are blessed to have access to lineages that supercharge every aspect of life: physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. I dedicated many years to masters and wisdom teachings in order to receive the sacred wisdom of healing, physical movement, spiritual connection and sexual alchemy. It is my joy to share this with sincere seekers.

The timeless Goddess lives in you.

Activate Your Inner Power

You have the power within you to create beauty, to love deeply, to rock your mission in this world! Magic is your birthright. Our world needs YOU to be turned on, on point and creating a world of beauty… this is what I support.

Remember who you truly are.

What are You capable of?

This is a question I have been asking since I was a child. I deeply yearned to know what this life was all about – how to access the mystical world, how to heal, how to live my dream, how to be financially independent, how to love… What is your deepest dream? What is the next level for your physical body, relationship, sexuality and soul’s purpose? And are you ready to live it?

Miracles are possible.

What greatness lives inside of you?

I am interested in your greatness. Why? Because I want to live in a world full of Bad Asses. I prefer to be around bad asses who are up to good things like preserving and protecting the beauty of this world. I consider myself a Warrior Priestess of Love, one of the Legions of Light here to consciously anchor God’s light on this planet. What is your souls essence and what have you come here to do?

The earth is awaiting your beauty.

“Beth –  I will join with you and others in Love’s intention. You have upgraded my understanding and I thank you.

I’m in. Peace, Love and Happiness.” – Gary

Are you ready to step into your power?

Join us on a journey into the Ancient wisdom traditions that have passed us keys that we must know in order to embody our true potential.


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