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The Priestess Path

A sacred initiation for motivated and successful women to embody the Divine Feminine

5taoist_When it's time for you to be a feminine force in the world...

Are you ready to embody and radiate more feminine energy?

Are you ready to learn the sacred rites and wisdom from your ancestors?

Are you ready to give your sacred gift to the world?

If you answered yes, read on...

If you have been successful in life and are now looking to embody more feminine energy...

If you are asking, "Who am I and how am I going to live this life? What am I here to do and what is my legacy?"

Then the Priestess Path may be right for you.

As a modern woman you have the opportunity to rise to greatness, to embody the sacred, juicy, wise, fierce and loving feminine and to bless your world.

Hi, my name is Beth Leone. Some call me The Taoist Priestess. My close friends call me Sifu or Sensi, while others call me a ‘Warrior Priestess of Love’. 

I have devoted my life to embodying wisdom from ancient lineages of healing and empowerment and blazed a new trail on the road less traveled.

Earning 5 black belts in Shaolin kung fu and becoming the first female master in my martial art lineage, I embodied a lot of masculine energy. I then realized that I needed to balance that out by also deeply embodying the feminine force.

Traveling to the ends of the earth to unearth mystic secrets, I studied with many masters.

I realize that our world needs the nourishing and protective feminine force if our earth is going to survive, if our animals are going to live, and if our children are going to inherit a healthy world.

The Priestess Path is a training ground for successful women who are ready to embody the Divine Feminine and show up as leaders blessing this world.

I am devoted to helping women live their divine mission and gaining the necessary tools do protect and serve.

Many lineage teachings are woven into the fabric of Priestess training, including shamanic, Taoist, Angelic and martial wisdom.

My commitment is to help empower women to hold ceremonial and healing spaces for birth, life, sacred sex and death.

If you are ready to embody the Divine Feminine and to be a leader in your family and community, I offer my Mystery School, The Priestess Path.

The Priestess Path

The earth is thirsty for your beauty.

 Are you ready to step into your power?

If you are a successful woman who is hearing the Divine Call and ready to give it your all -- it may be time for you to step onto the Priestess Path. 

Embody the Sacred

Every woman has a power and a beauty within her waiting to be cultivated and expressed. The Priestess Path has been walked for thousands of years by women who choose to learn, own and offer their power as a blessing.

But what if you don't know what your sacred work is? What if you know your sacred work, but lack the tools to show up as a leader, priestess, wise woman?

The Priestess Path offers initiations and tools for women who are ready to show up as a blessing, a Protectress and to live your sacred work in the world.  

 Remember Your Divinity

You have the power within you to create beauty, to love deeply, and to make a difference in the world! Magic is your birthright and the world needs women who are tuned in to the intelligence of Infinite Creator, turned onto feminine power, who are showing up as women of power for themselves, their family, and their communities.

Miracles Happen

Have you ever wondered what you are capable of? Do have a sacred yearning in your soul that has yet to be met? Ever wanted a teacher, mentor, guide that could help you actualize your sacred work in the world? The Priestess Path is here to help you discover and embody your sacred work and give you the tools and initiations to do it. 

The Goddess is Within You

Ancient lineages hold many keys to our sacred evolution.  We are blessed to have access to lineages that supercharge every aspect of life: physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. I dedicated many years to learning from masters and embodying wisdom teachings I now share in the Priestess Path.


Be a blessing to the world.

I am interested in your greatness because I want to live in a world full of beauty. I prefer to be around bad asses who are up to good things like honoring, preserving and protecting the beauty of this world. I have little tolerance for people who manipulate, hurt and do ill. 

On the Priestess Path, we have strict standards for codes of conduct that have been passed down through the martial art lineages. Women who graduate as Priestesses of the Tao embody these codes in order to be a sanctuary of healing, hope and protection and to be able to carry their blessings. 

Registration is open for The Priestess Path Initiation!

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“Beth -  I will join with you and others in Love’s intention. You have upgraded my understanding and I thank you. I'm in!"


These tools Beth is providing us are exactly what is needed to deal with the pressing shadow of the current paradigm… I am grateful beyond words for what we are receiving here in this group.

Shellie White Light

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