Join A Tribe Dedicated to Empowering the Divine Feminine!


Hello Dear Ones! I am Beth Leone, lineage holder and creator of The Priestess Path Lineages of Light.

My mission is at this time is to connect women like you to your mystic origins, your creative potential and your Divine femininity. I believe this earth is sacred and that we must stand for her, speak for her and care for her so that we and she can flourish. I am here as a teacher, a guide and a warrior to protect and serve.

My entire adult life, I immersed myself with masters of various lineages, including Asian, Shamanic and Western traditions. I earned five black belts in Shaolin kung fu, two black belt equivalents in qigong and became the first female master in my martial art lineage. Meanwhile I, owned and operated five martial arts and medical qigong centers successfully training thousands of black belts. I am dedicated to the eternal ways of the mystic warrior of light.

The Priestess Path combines major initiations from these lineages to empower women to be beacons of light, offering your beauty and wisdom to this earth.

What makes this priestess path unique is that it carries forth ancient codes and ethics from our warrior-priest and priestess ancestors. Many of my teachers were masters responsible for carrying these lineages forth through thousands of years from the past. These codes protect the sacred and the Light.

Another unique aspect from the Asian lineages are the sacred sexual teachings for female cultivation and longevity. No other tradition has preserved health, longevity and internal alchemy practices like the Taoist female masters. With these practices, women can maintain health and youthfulness by engaging in a legitimate academic study of these ancient teachings that unlock their sacred sexual selves. These rare practices are shared in this path with the sincere initiate.

I share many free lectures and ceremonies throughout the year to those who are on the email list and in the Priestess Facebook Group as well as shamanic training for all genders.

Welcome to the Lineages of Light!




 Step Into Your Power

Be A Blessing

Dear Sister,

Are you ready to:

Step into your power as a woman?

Have an intimate connection with the Divine?

Bless this world with your beauty?

Then, the Priestess Path may be for you!


Experience Sisterhood

What Our Graduates Are Saying About The Priestess Path

Before taking the initiation I was quite emotionally unstable and struggled with staying confident and true to myself.  Now, I feel more beautiful, angelic and feminine. I’m juicier, healthier, and more attuned. The lessons Beth is about to share with you are of great wisdom. I am blessed to have walked this path.
-Shelby Seegmiller

I have so much more comfort with my own body and I have a new understanding of the innate capability of my body to stay youthful. I now feel like I have a secret weapon to [stay young] naturally that also gives me longevity. I had no knowledge of it and would have not known where to get it. Beth is uniquely qualified to share these teachings since she has been trained in the ancient lineages. Being here with all the women has fostered an incredible sense of sisterhood.
- Amanda 'Pua' Walsh

This program felt like I was returning to my spiritual family with all my sisters around me. I was drawn to this program because Beth was recommended to me. I knew that she was a powerful woman - that she had a lot training a lot of knowledge; a lot of courage and I felt confident that she would be a good guide for me. Beth has helped to guide me through my transition to fully committing myself to my spiritual path.
- Alison Eakin