Join A Tribe Dedicated to Empowering the Divine Feminine!

Step into your power and share your sacred gift with the world.

Are you ready to embody and radiate more feminine energy?

Are you ready to learn the sacred rites and wisdom from your ancestors?

Are you ready to give your sacred gift to the world?

If you answered yes, read on...

If you have been successful in life and are now looking to embody more feminine energy...

If you are asking, "Who am I and how am I going to live this life? What am I here to do and what is my legacy?"

Then the Priestess Path may be right for you.

As a modern woman you have the opportunity to rise to greatness, to embody the sacred, juicy, wise, fierce and loving feminine and to bless your world.

Hi, my name is Beth Leone. Some call me The Taoist Priestess. My close friends call me Sifu or Sensi, while others call me a ‘Warrior Priestess of Love’. 

I have devoted my life to embodying wisdom from ancient lineages of healing and empowerment and sharing and initiating others on the path.

Early on I embodied a lot of masculine energy, earning five black belts in Shaolin kung fu and becoming the first female master in my martial art lineage.

I realized like many other women, that I was out of balance, and had become too yang. It was actually against my true nature.

So, I sought a way to embody the feminine force.

Traveling to the ends of the earth to unearth mystic secrets, I studied with many masters.

I realize that our world needs the nourishing and protective feminine force if our earth is going to survive, if our animals are going to live, and if our children are going to inherit a healthy world.

The Priestess Path is a training ground for successful women who are ready to embody the Divine Feminine and show up as leaders blessing this world.

I am devoted to helping you live your divine mission helping you to gain the necessary tools to protect and serve.

Many lineage teachings are woven into the fabric of Priestess training, including shamanic, Taoist, Angelic, Martial and other western traditions.

My commitment is to help empower you to hold ceremonial and healing spaces for birth, life, sacred sex and death.

My mission is to empower and protect the feminine on earth -- the earth herself, the animals, the elements and trees by activating women to embody the sacred.

Step Into Your Power
Know Your Soul's Purpose
Share Your Divine Gift

Current Program: The Summer of Shamanism

5-Week Training to Access Personal Power and Soul Transformation

Open to both men and women


Use This Life Well

Before taking the initiation I was quite emotionally unstable and struggled with staying confident and true to myself.  Now, I feel more beautiful, angelic and feminine. I’m juicier, healthier, and more attuned. The lessons Beth is about to share with you are of great wisdom. I am blessed to have walked this path.
-Shelby Seegmiller

 Are you ready to choose
to step into your power?

If you are an inspired woman who knows you are capable of more and you are hearing the Divine Call, I invite you to join me on the Priestess Path. 

2017 Priestess Path is full and in progress.

Stay tuned for free trainings and the next Initiation.


I have so much more comfort with my own body and I have a new understanding of the innate capability of my body to stay youthful. I now feel like I have a secret weapon to [stay young] naturally that also gives me longevity. I had no knowledge of it and would have not known where to get it. Beth is uniquely qualified to share these teachings since she has been trained in the ancient lineages. Being here with all the women has fostered an incredible sense of sisterhood.
- Amanda 'Pua' Walsh

Be A Blessing

A Priestess chooses to be a blessing. She consciously embodies sacred feminine wisdom, passed down through lineage. She is a pillar of strength and a sanctuary for life's greatest moments: birth, life, sexuality and death.

This program felt like I was returning to my spiritual family with all my sisters around me. I was drawn to this program because Beth was recommended to me. I knew that she was a powerful woman - that she had a lot training a lot of knowledge; a lot of courage and I felt confident that she would be a good guide for me. Beth has helped to guide me through my transition to fully committing myself to my spiritual path.
- Alison Eakin

Divine Feminine Warriors In The Legions Of Light