Evolving How We Live & How We Love

My mission is to joyfully share evolutionary information on body, sex and relationships to empower & beauty.

We live in potent times. Evolution is upon us. We are called to rise to the occasion of our greatness, to up-level our relationship to body, mind, and spirit… to upgrade how we live and how we love…

Hi, my name is Beth Leone. Some call me ‘The Taoist Priestess’… My close friends call me Sifu or Sensi… while others call me a ‘Warrior Priestess of Love’. 

I am devoted to a revolution… a revolution of how we live and how we love… 

I am passionate about sharing wisdom from ancient traditions that supercharges our physical movement, spiritual and sexual connection.

I traveled the world seeking knowledge of the Great Mystery and I found a great treasure…

I found nestled in our deep history, gems of sacred teachings. I now share these gems to upgrade the human experience…

The Taoist Priestess Program Begins August. 18th

12 Women Igniting Their Purpose

Taking Applications, Apply Here

Next-Level Life

The opportunity to live your most empowered, authentic, juicy life is now.  You have abilities awaiting discovery. I devoted my life to uncovering wisdom that enhances the human condition. Now, my life is devoted to sharing this wisdom.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Thriving

Ancient lineages hold keys to many of our superpowers. We are blessed to have access to lineages that supercharge every aspect of life physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. I dedicated many years to wisdom lineages in order to receive the sacred teachings of healing, physical movement, spiritual connection and intimate love… It is my joy to share this with you.

Activate Your Potential

You have the power to create beauty, love, your own mission in the world and to protect this planet…. Magic is your birthright. Our world needs YOU turned on, on point and creating a world of beauty… this is what I support.

What Is Possible?

This is the question I have been asking since I was a child. I needed to know what this life was all about – how to access the mystical world, how to heal, how to live my dream, how to love… What is your deepest dream? What is the next level for your physical body, relationship, sexuality and soul’s purpose? I have pushed the envelope, wandering the outskirts to find the rarefied ones… I discovered a world with magic women into it’s fabric… and love to share this with my soul family.

I am interested in your greatness

I am interested in your greatness. Why? Because I want to live in a world full of Bad Asses. I prefer to be around bad asses who are up to good things like preserving and protecting the beauty in this world. I consider myself a Warrior Priestess of Love… one of the Bad Asses of Light. I know who I am and what I am doing, part of which is to ignite the others…

“Beth I will join with you and others in Loves intention. You have upgraded my understanding and I thank you.
I’m in. Peace, Love and Happiness.” – Gary

Are your ready for the next level in body, sex and spirit?

Because if you are, I am here to support you. 

Beth is a Messiah of hope. When I entered my 60‘s I thought it was all downhill from here, but Beth has shown me a path whereby I can regenerate my body and grow younger. In just one session, my chronic back pain was gone! If you are lucky enough to cross her path, please don’t miss the opportunity to experience her magic.

Jerry Michaels


I so deeply resonate with your wisdom and the way that you teach and speak. I am wowed at your personal journey.



The Yoni Care Handbook has helped  my wife and I expand our relationship.

Peter Hegre


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