Beth Leone,
Creator of The Priestess Path

Hi, my name is Beth Leone and I’ve devoted my life to exploring the bounds of human potential. I have traveled the world, learning form lineage masters, immersing myself in shamanism, martial arts, qigong, sacred sexuality, and spirituality. I consider myself a warrior of love and light and my mission is to ignite this passion in others.


I believe we are eternal souls on an eternal timeline. At a young age, I had an interest in Mysticism and spent my life training with masters and grand masters in shamanism, Shaolin Kung Fu , Taoist qigong, sacred sexual arts, plant medicines and business. I have 5 black belts in Shaolin Kung Fu and am the first female Master in my martial art lineage.

Not interested in conventional education, I quit college to study shamanism and to blaze a new trail, which culminated in creating a school for women to learn the sacred arts. The Priestess Path is designed to initiate women into the sacred role of a working priestess.

My predominant orientation is that of a healer. Since I was a child, I've had a close connection to animals and nature, spending most of my childhood in forests. The spirit world has always been with me and I began healing work at the age of five as my mother would as me to take her headaches away. Since I can remember, I've had the desire to alleviate the suffering of the downtrodden, the animals, and the earth.

You are invited on a journey into your mystic origins, your sacred heart and ancient lineage teachings...

Certifications and Credentials

5 Black Belts in Shaolin Kung Fu:

1. Emei Bagua
2. Northern Shaolin Longfist
3. Southern Shaolin Iron Body
4. Hsing Yi
5.Yang Style Tai Chi

United Martial Arts Fifth Degree Black Belt Master Instructor

What it takes to be a master in our lineage

In The United Martial Arts Association of America, in order to become a master instructor, one must earn a minimum of 5 black belts, own and successfully run at least one martial art school and graduate a certain number of black belts (the exact number of which keeps rising every year) and be a person of honorable character. I was the first female in our lineage to do this. See Zen Wellness Masters Council.

Master Instructor & Lineage Holder
United Martial Arts & Zen Wellness Medical Qigong

Master Instructor, Doh Yi Taoist Qigong
trained by 75th Grandmaster of the Dan Han Taoist Immortality Sect, Sung Baek

Accredited Five Black Belts
United Martial Arts Association of America

Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Ten years of training and graduated from the Three Year Course in Advanced Shamanic Healing. Teachers: Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman

Ordained Priestess in the Lineage of
Isis and Magdalene Mysteries

initiated by Divina Del Sol

Lineage Holder
Zen Wellness Medical Qigong,
Shaolin Kung Fu

Master’s Council: Zen Wellness &United Martial Arts
Member of the council of accredited masters.

Certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Instructor

Why ‘The Taoist Priestess’?

I was formally initiated as a Priestess in 1999 before my life in the marital arts. Due to the heavy Taoist influence of my martial training, I was given the nickname ‘The Taoist Priestess’ by one of my mentors to represent the combination of these influences.

My Martial Path

“A true master makes masters.”

I would not have become a martial art ‘master’ had I not married into it. The time, money and dedication required to train every day of ones’ life for over a decade to earn 5 black belts and spend over 1,000 personal instruction hours with a master is astronomical. I believe I was destined and blessed to have married a master. During our time together, he trained me for hours every day which is a privelidge few experience. During this time, we also owned and operated 5 Kung Fu and medical qigong centers, founded Zen Wellness and trained thousands of black belts. He always said, “a true master make masters.” He meant it and he trained me to become the first female Master in our lineage. I shared blood, sweat and tears with my fellow black belts and then became their teacher, forging a deep heart and a strong will of the human spirit to reach our highest potential. I am proud to be a part of these lineages dating back 4,000 years alongside my ancestors that have committed themselves over the ages.

My journey to Master Teacher took almost 15 years of daily training. I had to overcome many personal obstacles to achieve this. I battled lethargy, depression, debilitating shyness, fear, divorce, and pain. There were times on my journey that I wanted to quit but I continued. All these challenges tested my spirit yet, by continuing to train regardless of circumstances, great things are achieved. Had I allowed any event to interfere with my training, I would not have achieved the rank of Master.  Becoming a part of these ancient lineages and then becoming a lineage holder myself, forged a great determination in me to be a part of protecting this earth and to carry on these teachings. I have been trained by real masters; by the men that make warriors and I am grateful to have the opportunity to give back now what was given to me.

Radiant Light Qigong

After over a decade of classical training in Shaolin Kung Fu and Taoist Qigong, I created my own form of Qigong, called Radiant Light Qigong.
This form infuses feminine flow, power, sensuality and grace while connecting shamanically to the spirits and elements.

I have taught thousands of people world wide and continue to share the evolutionary practices on love, sex and relationships in workshops, in private teachings and online for those interested in cultivating through the ancient arts.

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The Priestess Path

It is my joy to initiate women into their sacred path, Divine knowing and sexual empowerment. I offer the Priestess Process as a vehicle to give back the knowledge that was given to me. I combine shamanism, mystic marriage, Taoist Sexuality and Taoist martial arts to empower women.

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More on My Traditions and Teachers:

I often get asked who I have trained with. These are the prominent lineages and master teachers that I have apprenticed.

Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Studied with Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
Licensed Massage Therapist, Lomi Lomi, Reiki Master

First mentor: Toning, Inner Child Healing

Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society
Apprenticed Nagual elder, Thunder Strikes

School of Shamanic Sacred Sexuality

Hopi Internal Organ Bodywork
Fred Little Bear, Kachina Chief at the time of Second Mesa

Mamma Aya

United Martial Arts Association of America
Masters: Jeng Hung Li, Pingzhen Chen, Jerry Cook, Michael Leoni

Zen Wellness
Co-founded Zen Wellness Centers, lineage holder Zen Wellness medical qigong and kung fu

Dan Hang Taoist Immortality Sect
Doh Yi - Grandmaster Sung Baek

Kambo Medicine
trained with Master Practitioner, Simon Scott

White Tigress Society
Taoist Internal Cultivation, Teacher Hsi Lai

Angelic Legions of Light