A transition is at foot. We are asked to embody more of our Higher Self. But in order for new beginnings to occur, we must first complete the lessons of old.

A transition is at foot. We are asked to embody more of our Higher Self. But in order for new beginnings to occur, we must first complete the lessons of old.

This full moon in Sagittarius ushers in new beginnings — higher levels of ourselves, but first, we must complete and embody the wisdom of our current lessons.

Sandwiched between two Dark Super Moons, this full moon on June 9th is colored by intensity, karmic completion and the stern energy of Saturn. The fiery nature of Sagittarius is under pressure with a dash of crisis, wildness and untamed energy from Black Moon Lilith.

Saturn asks us to be done with current karmic lessons so that we can graduate to the next level in the embodiment of our Higher Selves. Our Higher Selves are that Divine essence blueprint that is closest to Creator – God.

You may want to take a step back right now, inhale deeply and ask yourself these questions:

    What is what is “up” for you at this time?
    Are there any patterns, relationships, or configurations that are not serving you?
    Have you witnessed karmic patterns/karmic relationships and are ready to let them go?
    Is there any ugliness, judgment, dark patterns, shame, blame that is bogging down your Light?
    Are you ready to let the anchors go so that you can embody more beauty, freedom, love and Light?

This is what is going on this moon. It is asking us to be better versions of ourselves and to just let go any heavy anchors to patterns of negativity.

To support your process, I have included a full moon ritual for you here.


Doing a completion ceremony at this time can help us to stay on top of our evolution.

Saturn, the disciplinarian, is urging us to accept responsibility for what we say and do this month by giving us a sober look at the ramifications of our actions, our karma.

Have compassion with yourself and others as you observe and release old patterns.

The mantra this month is:

Acceptance, Forgiveness and Moving On.

Acceptance, Forgiveness and Moving On.

One of the best ways to complete our karma is through ceremony. In ceremony, we call upon the powers that surround us, we have a heart to heart with the universe and give potency to our intentions.

If your intention is to let go of the old to make way for the new, this full moon is a potent time to do this.

Let go of what is no longer serving you.


If you are working with themes of forgiveness, you may want to add the ho’o pono pono prayer of forgiveness in this ceremony.


*An important note about ho’o pono pono: We just had a long discussion about ho’opono pono on The Preistess Path and it is important that you understand when you say, “I’m sorry, please forgive me” you are not admitting fault. Many of my priestess initiates expressed discomfort with this saying, naturally not wanting to imprint guilt. It is important to remember that this forgiveness prayer comes from the Hawaiian language and is translated into English. The Hawaiian’s saw “I’m sorry” slightly different that us Westerners who often come from a punishment program. Please remember that this forgiveness prayer is meant to empower, transmute and free you. We did some deeper discovery of this prayer and we amended the idea of “I’m sorry” to mean, “I apologize for any suffering this has caused both you and me.” This keeps the energy empowering for both parties.

Blessings on this full moon to you and yours!

Infinite love,

Beth Leone,

Creator of the Priestess Path @ bethleone.net

inspiration from mysticmamma.com and astrologyhub.com