When will we allow sex and sexuality to be innocent, wholesome and sacred?
Why is sex used as a weapon to shame and slander;
to gratify one but harm another?
And how did this act which God created
as The Way for all creation
to enter this world
get distorted and used as a weapon?

Now millions of brave women are stepping forward to reveal what has happened to them.

Me too. And I have shut down and shut up for too long.
As a young woman, I wore black, covered myself in boys’ clothing,
developed an eating disorder and adopted masculine behaviors
to hide and suppress the radiant woman inside of me so she would not get abused.

As a young adult, I entered the martial arts.
I learned how to kick ass.
I trained for decades under the tutelage of male masters.
I became a warrior in the martial clans of men
and the first female master in my martial art lineage.
I learned to alpha the alpha
and the secrets behind the power of the arts.

At the core of the martial arts and qigong are
the Taoist sexual teachings.
They are the heart of the cultivation of life force and spirit.
I studied these for years. In my innocence and naiveté,
I felt that humanity deserved to know this sacred information.

The Taoist sexual teachings come from a time when men honored women —
a time when men protected the feminine,
allowed it to unfurl in all its glory
and allowed themselves to take in the yin essence
without having to take her.
This is what we desperately need to remember.

Some around me begged me to share this information.
I went against that warning feeling inside
as I had done so many times before
and I began to share this wisdom in workshops and online.

I developed a course just for men because I thought that
“Men deserve to know.”
I erroneously thought that sharing this information
would help change
the climate from sexual abuse of men and women
to sexual sacredness.

Instead, many people lost their shit.
Those individuals I trusted the most
violated me and misused the information
to benefit themselves at my expense.

No means no!

The result was soul crushing wounding and
my faith in humanity plummeted.
I discontinued all sharing of this information.
I spent two years healing and regaining my light.

I realized that humanity at large is not ready to treat sex as sacred.

I now know why these teachings were traditionally shared with only a few
individuals and only after years of apprenticeship and vetting out.

The good thing that came from these recent violations
is that I created the Priestess Path to empower women.

My response to these wounds has been to create a sacred container
to give back the poignant initiations
that I had experienced
as I entered the sanctuary of Light.

I vowed to never share the sacred sexual information again
except to my initiated and vetted priestesses in a sanctuary setting

I choose not to have these conversations with men because I am honoring the space with my beloved.

I learned the hard way and I am wiser for it.

My sexual wounds over my lifetime led me to become a healer, mentor and guide.
They led me to seek out the sacred teachings.
They have led me to sing the angel songs into women’s wombs to restore the light.
They led me to become a warrior among warriors.

I now teach women to stand in their light, and to protect the sacred.
I teach women to honor their sexuality and to use the energy properly.
This is my way of changing the climate from perversion to sacred, from
violation to honor. And as I do this, I yearn for a time when men stand up for and protect the sacred
rather than penetrating innocence and darkening the light.

I yearn for a time when women can stand in their power together
and they do not have to cut each other down in jealousy
and try to be the better one; to try to take the power and beauty of other women to gain the upper hand.

I will continue to learn and to heal.
I will continue to offer my learning for others as a mentor and guide.
I will continue to stand in the Light of what I know to be good and sacred,
to be present and encourage others to do so.

We are the ones to anchor in the sacred.
We are the ones to claim ourselves as light.


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Beth Leone

Beth Leone

Lineage Holder and Initiator on The Priestess Path

Beth Leone is the creator of The Priestess Path sharing sacred feminine wisdom to empower the modern spiritual-sexual woman.
She is the first female master in her martial art lineage and holds 5 black belts in Shaolin kung fu and qigong. As a pioneer in the field of women’s empowerment, she weaves together many lineages to offer women a depth of knowledge to embody the Divine Feminine. She blends initiations from Shamanism, Taoist Sacred Sexuality, Martial Arts, Qigong and Angelic teachings into a rich tapestry of training she has shared with thousands of students. The Priestess Path at bethleone.net

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