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The new Priestess Path 3.0 is about to be unveiled! The Priestess Path is in its third year of offering initiations to women from the lineages of light. Due to the overwhelming interest in priestess training, we are unveiling Priestess Path 3.0 in 2018 with shorter in duration modules that are accessible to many more participants. There are many exciting changes to be announced, so stay tuned!

The Priestess Path initiates women into Divine connection, empowerment and sacred service.


A PRIESTESS is a woman who chooses to align the the Divine.

A PRIESTESS uses her power for good.

A PRIESTESS understands and accepts her Divine mission and manifests her great work in the world.

A PRIESTESS embodies the loving aspects of the Divine Feminine nourishing, supporting and teaching her relations.

A PRIESTESS receives the proper training to be proficient in her role.

A PRIESTESS knows the secrets of her sacred sexual self, caring for her sacred temple and honoring her Divine masculine counterpart.

A PRIESTESS fiercely loves and protects all that is good upon this earth.

A PRIESTESS stands up for the sacred, honoring and protecting the innocent.

Each priestess is unique with her own wisdom and divine calling.


"Thank you for giving me a hope and a dream." - Sandra Treese

 Are you ready to choose to step
into your power?

What Our Graduates Are Saying About The Priestess Path

"I gained an immense amount of confidence to proceed in my path. I've learned who I am and what I have to offer.”

- Shellie White Light, Graduate of the Priestess Path

I'm stepping out, so watch out! I feel so much clearer in myself. I feel more empowered. I fell an access to my strength and will center that I hadn’t harnessed up to now.

- Marian Taubinger, Graduate of the Priestess Path

Training & Initiation to Embody the Divine Feminine & Give Your Sacred Work to the World!

The world hungers for the Divine Feminine Force.

"From the moment we met, I knew I would know you forever. I am a much stronger person having come into your enchanted circle. ”

- Alice

"You have taught me much in many realms of being, and I hold you in very high regard as a friend, leader, and guardian of all things both fierce, soft, and sacred."
- Akira, Film Producer

"I am coming back into my power of commanding the energies of my golden sphere.
You are an amazing teacher and so glad you are sharing the awakening of the goddess within. So honored to work with you." - Graciously, Alecia

A priestess is educated in the higher aspects of her sexuality. Knowing how to care for your sacred sexual self is key to a woman's health and sexual empowerment. Understanding partner alchemy and sacred sexual self-alchemy is a traditional pillar of priestess training.

"I was born Catholic and had 13 years of Catholic school. So the whole piece around sexuality... had always been in conflict. Having that reconnection with the ancient lineage with the female knowledge around our bodies was  big piece for me. I have so much more comfort with my own body.”

- Amanda 'Pua' Walsh, Graduate of the Priestess Path

Beth is a radiant light to the world! Working with her brought me on a deeply personal journey of growth and empowerment that I will never forget. I’m constantly inspired by her passion, knowledge, and ability to balance a profoundly feminine energy with the strength and intensity of her art. Everyone can benefit from Beth’s training spiritually, emotionally, physically, whether you are young or old, strong or weak, no matter where you are in your life. I am filled with gratitude and peace,
- Sasha

"I am grateful beyond words for what we are receiving here in this group. I am fully committed to observing these teachings so that I may be in service whole heartedly to my family, community, expanded tribe, clients, customers and above all...Mother Earth and Father God."  - Shellie White Light, Priestess Initiate

“I really feel honored to be in this program! I was hesitant to join… I was the last one to join on the last day because I didn’t want to pay for it but I don’t regret that at all. I’m ready to sign up for the next one because its so great I can’t get enough of these teachings!”

- Ali, Priestess Initiate

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