A 6-Month Training & Initiation to Embody the Divine Feminine & Give Your Sacred Work to the World!

Dear Sister,

Are you craving a more personal connection with the Divine?

Do you yearn to embody the wisdom of the Divine Feminine?

Are you ready to offer your sacred work to the world?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, The Priestess Path is designed for you!

The Priestess Path is a 6-month initiation for motivated women who are inspired to embody the Divine Feminine and anchor your sacred work in the world.

These women work closely with me to remove blocks and gain the tools to emerge a confident and inspired Priestess.

Hi, My name is Beth Leone, creator of The Priestess Path. I created this path for women who are ready to step into their power as a working priestess, to embody the Divine Feminine radiance and to give their special sacred gift to the world.

Because I was frustrated with conventional education, I sought out masters and ancient lineages to learn from and put my own sacred education together. I spent 30 years apprenticing lineages and masters, gaining thousands of sacred experiences.

I distilled the most potent initiations with real world use and have put them into this initiation.

During 30 years of focused training, I became one of the youngest graduates of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies' 3 Year Program in Advanced Shamanic Healing with Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman. I trained for many years with martial art masters, earning 5 black belts in Shaolin kung fu and becoming the first female master in my martial art lineage. I also owned and operated 5 martial art and medical qigong centers and trained thousands of students. I traveled to the ends of the earth, shamans, healers and medical doctors.

The result of all this training is that I give lineage-based initiations and 3o years of experiences to women much faster than 3 decades.

Welcome to The Priestess Path!

  • Embody Divine Feminine Wisdom
  • Receive the tools of a working priestess
  • Gain confidence in your spiritual gifts
  • Merge spirituality and business
  • Receive the rare sacred sexual teachings
  • Touch the world with beauty!

The world is awaiting your special gift!

 Are you ready to choose to step
into your power?

The world hungers for your Divine Feminine Force.

- Beth Leone


A PRIESTESS is a woman who chooses to align with her Higher Self and the Divine.

SHE directs her power for good.

SHE understands and accepts her Divine mission and manifests her great work in the world.

SHE embodies the loving, nourishing, supportive, juicy feminine force and applies this force to nourish her relations.

SHE receives the proper training to be proficient in her role.

SHE knows the secrets of her sexual self. She has an educated yoni and understands the sensual arts which includes how to nourish and inspire her Divine Masculine counterpart.

SHE fiercely loves and protects all that is good including the earth, her creatures, her family and Beloved.

EACH ONE IS UNIQUE and has her own priestess name and priestess calling.

We work together drawing from the wisdom of many paths so you can live your higher potential as a woman.

"Thank you for giving me a hope and a dream." - Sandra Treese

The Priestess Path initiates women into Divine connection, empowerment and sacred service.

"From the moment we met, I knew I would know you forever. I am a much stronger person having come into your enchanted circle. ”

- Alice

"You have taught me much in many realms of being, and I hold you in very high regard as a friend, leader, and guardian of all things both fierce, soft, and sacred."
- Akira, Film Producer

What Initiates Receive In The Training

1. 6 Months of Priestess Training

Weekly trainings are delivered both via recorded sessions and Live video sessions via internet for 6 months. The trainings are meant to be used in your daily life during that week so that you embody the teachings. (See below for description of the initiations). All sessions are recorded and available to you in your personal membership site.

2. Access to all the Video and Audio Recordings in a Private Membership Site

Each month, along with the 2 LIVE training sessions, you will get access to download the weeks training so you will own it forever and you can review in your own time.

3. Personal Attention

A private orientation session, midway session and embodiment session supports your priestess process. Masterful attention will be given to your specific needs and and will laser focus on your breakthroughs.

4. In-Depth, In Person Immersion

We finish the Priestess Path with a 3 day graduation immersion in Sedona. Each woman will have a chance to lead ceremony, be celebrated, and claim her priestess name. The more sensitive Taoist Sexual Teachings will be offered here as well. (Travel and room expenses not included.)

"I am coming back into my power of commanding the energies of my golden sphere.
You are an amazing teacher and so glad you are sharing the awakening of the goddess within. So honored to work with you." - Graciously, Alecia

Experience the
Transformative Sexual Teachings

A priestess is educated in the higher aspects of her sexuality. Knowing how to care for her sacred sexual self is a key to her health and sexual empowerment. Understanding partner alchemy -- how to engage sexually for the purpose of healing, nourishing the soul and for spiritual illumination is key to carrying the essence of a priestess.

Beth is a radiant light to the world! Working with her brought me on a deeply personal journey of growth and empowerment that I will never forget. I’m constantly inspired by her passion, knowledge, and ability to balance a profoundly feminine energy with the strength and intensity of her art. Everyone can benefit from Beth’s training spiritually, emotionally, physically, whether you are young or old, strong or weak, no matter where you are in your life. I am filled with gratitude and peace,
- Sasha

What's Inside The Priestess Program 6 Month Initiation

Month 1

What is a Priestess?

  • Walking the Priestess Path: healing, nourishing, empowered expression, divine partnership and evolutionary wisdom.
  • Discovering your priestess essence, expression of the Divine Feminine
  • Discovering your personal Priestess Muse that will act as your informant and guide for your journey

Full Body Cleanse

  • 14 Day Cleanse to harmonize with the Tao
  • Optional liver and gallbladder cleanse
  • The Dangers of Weaponized food
  • Protecting you and your family

Month 2

The Soul's Calling
Mission of the Inner Child

  • Connecting to the little girl
  • Listening to her story and her vision
  • Healing her wounds
  • Reclaiming her vision and heart
  • Personal Session: Your Soul Essence Blueprint

Spiritual Cosmology

  • Taoist cosmology
  • Shamanic cosmology
  • Ancestors and Guides
  • Mapping your personal spiritual experiences
  • Personal Session: Finding your personal guide(s)

Month 3

Accessing the Source Field

  • What is the Source Field?
  • Accessing the Divine Matrix through the Shamanic Journey
  • Establishing a Personal Journey Practice
  • Record Data in a Journal
  • Personal Session: Guided Shamanic Journey

Invoking the Powers and the Angels

  • When and how to connect to your angels and guides
  • Connecting to the Spirit World and your personal guides
  • Calling in your guides to do a working
  • Use of guides and power animals for healing, receiving information, ETC

Month 4

White Tigress Taoist Sexual Practices

  • Why sexual practices?
  • Taoist Breast Massage
  • Educating the Vagina
  • Sacred Partner Exercises
  • Personal Session: Specific Instruction for you

The Power of the Spoken Word / Inspiring Your Conscious Alpha

  • The secret of manifestation
  • Humility, compassion and builder language
  • How to use your language to create & command
  • How to speak to others as a priestess/Queen
  • How to communicate with your man to inspire his greatness and fuel his masculinity

Month 5

Honoring Mother Lines

  • Recapitulating the Mother Wound
  • Distilling the Holographic Matrix
  • Ancestral Communication
  • Ceremony of release and forgiveness
  • How to communicate with your man to inspire his greatness and fuel his masculinity

Womb Healing & Clearing

  • Honoring your womb story
  • Yoni Steaming
  • Ritual womb clearing
  • Establishing your sacred womb honoring practice
  • Taoist sexual practices with your man

Month 6

Establishing Your Sacred Work in the World

  • Clearly defining your sacred gift
  • Announcing it to your sisters
  • Sharing your plan of implementation
  • Public announcement

Graduation & Claiming Your Priestess Name

  • 3 days with your sisters in either Boulder or Sedona
  • Claiming your priestess name
  • Each priestess leads a ceremony
  • Ceremonial body honoring
  • Sharing your priestess work with the world

"I am grateful beyond words for what we are receiving here in this group. I am fully committed to observing these teachings so that I may be in service whole heartedly to my family, community, expanded tribe, clients, customers and above all...Mother Earth and Father God."  - Shellie White Light, Priestess Initiate

PLUS You'll Receive the Following
Special Bonuses for Joining the Program

Breast Massage Master Class Video

[Sacred Sexual Self-Care]

Learn Traditional Taoist Breast Massage

Receive the Taoist Breast Massage Protocol on Video

Learn How To:
  • Perform traditional White Tigress Taoist Self Breast Massage
  • Keep the breasts healthy
  • Retain or Create Pert, Youthful breasts
  • Stimulate your endocrine system maintaining youth

Special Healing Master Class
The Secrets of Healing a Woman's Yoni MP4

[Sacred Sexual Self-Care]

Learn How to Clear Your Yoni of Past Energies

Your a man and its not your fault that you have not been guided through the most sensitive and complex area of a woman's body - her Yoni.

In this healing master class I'll share with you how to use a crystal egg to clear past energies from your yoni.

  • How to choose a healing crystal yoni egg
  • How to charge the yoni egg with your healing intention
  • How to use the yoni egg to clear unwanted energies
  • How to perform the self healing ceremony

“I really feel honored to be in this program! I was hesitant to join… I was the last one to join on the last day because I didn’t want to pay for it but I don’t regret that at all. I’m ready to sign up for the next one because its so great I can’t get enough of these teachings!”

- Ali, Priestess Initiate

Priestess Path 2017 Is Full!

The Priestess Program - Offer Summary

Full Payment of $497

In the 6 Month Priestess Program, You Will Receive:

  • 6-Months of Live Webinar TRAINING
  • Recordings of all the Audio and Videos
  • 6 Months of Group Sessions Twice per month
  • 3 Day Sedona Immersion
  • Personal ONE-ON-ONE Soul Transformation Sessions

PLUS You'll Also Get the Following LIMITED Bonuses

  • BONUS #1: Healing Masterclass - Healing the Yoni
  • BONUS #2: Healing Masterclass - Taoist Breast Massage
  • BONUS #3: The Yoni Care Handbook
  • BONUS #4: The Entire Fundamentals of Qigong Online Program

The Priestess Path is currently full and in session! Look for emerging priestesses soon!

What Our Graduates Are Saying About The Priestess Path

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