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Welcome to the
Summer of Shamanism!

I’d like to invite you on a fun and powerful journey with me this Summer... a road trip for your soul!

We are all mystics and have the ability to access the spirit world. Many of us start off as children with innate access to these worlds, but as we get older this ability can be forgotten.

Disconnection from Source can result in physical illnesses, emotional pain, strife, addictions, relationship issues, isolation from nature, and an overall sense of being lost in the world.

You can use the time-tested practices of the shaman to heal this deep disconnection, to connect to available power for personal and collective healing.

Through shamanic practices it is possible for you to:

  • Find the underlying causes of illness and pain
  • Access your deep wisdom and higher self
  • Connect to your guides, power animals and angelic forces
  • Facilitate healing for others
  • Live a radiant life of love, joy and peace

This connection often brings you into alignment with your true purpose... which increases abundance because your gifts to the world are clear.

Join me for this special training this summer that includes live video calls, shamanic journeys, membership sites and special bonuses listed below.

Make this a Summer of Shamanism!

With love,

Beth Leone

P.S. I love's near and dear to my heart. It gifted me with a miraculous healing from a life- threatening illness when I was younger, and I’ve been practicing and teaching for over 30 years. It is a lifestyle and a daily source of power, a guide to the sacred and in-spirit-ation.

Your Trip Roadmap for the
Summer of Shamanism


1. Receive 5-Weeks of LIVE Video Training

Entering into the
World of the Shaman

How to Use Shamanism to Create a Stronger Connection to Your Spirit Guides, for Healing and Increasing Your Personal Power.

In week one we will be exploring:

  • Understanding spirit cosmology: lower, middle and upper worlds
  • Concept of the conscious universe
  • Using protection while journeying

The Power of
Shamanic Journey Work

How to Use the Shamanic Journey to Connect to Your Spirit Guides, and Retrieve Power and Information.

In week two we will be exploring:

  • How we see, hear and retrieve information in the other worlds
  • Receiving the power of your power animal and/or spirit guide
  • How shaman’s work with their power animal or guide in the spirit world

Working with Your Spirit Guides and or Angels

In week three we will be exploring:

  • How you can access the higher realms of angelic and spirit allies
  • The topography and cosmology of the higher dimensions
  • The specialized wisdom and assistance that an upperworld guide has to offer you

Retrieving and Increasing Your Personal Power for the Greater Good

In week four we will be exploring:

  • The Shamanic concept of illness and disease as decreased personal power
  • How we can lose power from psychic vampires, bad relationships and personal sabotage
  • A practice to fill yourself with protective power

Secrets of Shamanic Healing

In week five we will be exploring:

  • How shamans act on behalf of another to help and to heal
  • The ethics of healing and universal free will principles
  • How shamans gain the assistance of spirit helpers to access healing and information for others

2. TWO Guided Journey Track Downloads

3. Audio downloads of all training

4. Transcripts from each week

5. Membership in our private Facebook Group

The Shamanic Training Manual

Get a digital copy of my unpublished book based on universal core shamanic practices that comprise modern shamanism.

A Shamanic Ceremony during the Eclipse on August 21st

Full Solar Eclipses are powerful portals to access the unseen, often bringing to the surface things that have been hidden. With shamanic tools, we can use what comes up during this time for our healing and empowerment.


During the Summer of Shamanism you’ll receive:

  1. 5 weeks of LIVE video training
  2. Two Shamanic drumming MP3's (offered as downloads only)
  3. Private Membership Site to Access the Recordings from Each Week's Training
  4. Transcripts from each week (digital download only)
  5. Membership in our private Facebook Group

BONUS #1: The Shamanic Training Manual
BONUS #2: Special Eclipse Shamanic Ceremony


Summer of Shamanism is in session! Stay tuned for the next offering.


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