Summer Solstice Ceremony 2017

Join energy with thousands of souls worldwide on a journey to shine the Light on your Sacred Dream.

The Summer Solstice gives Light to our lives. It is a powerful time to reflect on our current life situation and to ask for guidance from Spirit and the Goddess in our life. Beth Leone, creator of the Priestess Path will guide you in invoking the powers and a journey to the Divien Feminine Goddess to receive your Sacred Deaam, clarity and healing.

Get comfortable, light a candle and prepare for a deeply nourishing time!


Summer Solstice Ceremony with Beth Leone, 2017. Online recording.


Thanks for listening!


Beth Leone

Beth Leone

Creator of The Priestess Path

Beth Leone is the creator ​of​ The Priestess Path ​sharing ​s​acred feminine wisdom to empower the modern​ spiritual-sexual woman.
​She ​​is the first female master in her martial art ​lineage​ and holds 5 black belts in Shaolin kung fu and qigong.
As a pioneer in the field of women’s empowerment, she weaves together ​the ​many lineages ​she has apprenticed ​for women to embody the Divine Feminine. Her teachings includes wisdom from ​Taoist Sacred Sexuality​,​ shamanism and​ feminine ​qigong and she has trained thousands of students in the sacred arts. Sign up for more sacred feminine connection at