Taoist Sexual Arts are traditional secrets to rejuvenation, health and youthfulness passed down from female Taoist Masters.

Taoist sexual cultivation is founded on the fact that life force energy is the source of vitality and health. 'Jing' as this life force energy is called, is also the source of our youthfulness.

The  more Jing you have, the healthier and more youthful you are. Sexual energy has been studied by Taoist Masters for thousands of years and practices have developed to maximize our health and youthfulness by cultivating sexual energy. 

For decades, I trained in the martial and qigong arts while owning and operating medical qigong and kung fu centers. During this time, I discovered the White Tigress Teachings of the female Taoist masters that rejuvenate the body.

I apprenticed the Western lineage holder of the White Tigress Taoist Female Sexual Practices, Hsi Lai and carry his blessings to share some of the Taoist sexual lineage teachings. I teach these practices to the women in my Priestess Path Program that I launch twice a year. 

I wrote The Yoni Care Handbook as a very practical guide for women and men to have a sacred relationship with yonis.  

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I teach the The Taoist Sexual Arts to my Priestess Initiates on The Priestess Path namely, the Healing Tigress Taoist Breast Massage, working with the Yoni Egg, and sacred Partner Alchemy.  

Hsi Lai and I are currently working on a White Tigress Teacher Certification program to train women to teach these arts. 

The Taoist Sexual Arts are taught to the women in the Priestess of the Tao Training. 

"If you cannot face directly into your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality. Your Earthly Spirit leads to discovering your Heavenly Spirit. Look at what created you to discover what will immortalize you." - Hsi Lai - White Tigress Manual

"I always knew that there were sacred teachings on sexuality. Thank you for learning and teaching this!" - Annie

"Beth is a radiant light to the world! Working with her brought me on a deeply personal journey of growth and empowerment that I will never forget. I’m constantly inspired by her passion, knowledge, and ability to balance a profoundly feminine energy with the strength and intensity of her art. Everyone can benefit from Beth’s training spiritually, emotionally, physically, whether you are young or old, strong or weak, no matter where you are in your life. I am filled with gratitude and peace." - Sasha, Student

Praise for The Yoni Care Handbook

"I thought I knew a lot about yonis, but this book took it to a whole other dimension. Thank you for sharing this wisdom!." - Chris

"Thank you for writing this book! It has opened my eyes to so many ways had not idea of to take care of my yoni!" - Becky